10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

We’ve all heard about the importance of protecting our environment, curbing climate change, living in harmony with nature, all sorts of slogans. But when it comes to implementation, what exactly can we do in order to create a more sustainable future? Below is a list of 10 ways that I suggest.

#1 Be Informed

Every single person has the right and responsibility to be informed about what’s going on in our world, except that the information won’t just come to us through mainstream media. We need to take a proactive attitude, be critical and do research by ourselves. You can try subscribing to environmental news sites, watch documentaries, or follow Facebook pages that focus on environmental protection.

#2 Go Plastic-Free

Plastic can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Don’t make our home planet into a landfill. Going plastic-free can be as easy as carrying your own water bottle, tote bag, or stainless steel or glass straw. You can buy products that are less packaged, or bring your own container to get a refill if possible.

#3 Switch to A Vegan Diet

According to a UN report, animal agriculture is one of the top contributors to climate change. Switching to a diet free from animal ingredients is the most powerful choice you can make in order to be environmentally-friendly. To start with, research about vegan restaurants in your city, simple recipes that you can try out at home, and vegan influencers you can follow on social media for tips.

#4 Drive Less & Bike More

Driving requires petroleum, and it’s also responsible for air and sound pollution. I’m not saying you can’t drive at all, but maybe try cycling or walking when possible. It’s not only good for the environment, but good for your health!

#5 Decrease Unnecessary Consumption

Reuse and recycle are awesome, but reducing consumption is vital. We’ve been encouraged by TV ads to buy things we don’t really need so we could be “happy”, but true happiness is not possible when our actions cause destructions to others (and ourselves). Next time before pulling out your wallet, ask yourself if you really need to buy that thing.

#6 Raise Awareness

Don’t be afraid to speak up just because others don’t. The progress of any society is led by a few who really understand the interconnections of things, who raise awareness until the majority of the population understands as well. Host events, give talks, or post on social media about the importance of protecting the environment.

#7 Take Courses on Sustainability

If we don’t have sufficient knowledge and tools about sustainability, it’ll be hard for us to advocate it to others. Courses such as Gaia Education, Bridgedale360 and more might be able to help you out.

#8 Practice Mindfulness

Sustainability doesn’t just pertain to what we do on the outside – it has everything to do with what’s going on in our inner world as well. It can be hard and heartbreaking to witness what’s happening in our world, and practicing mindfulness can help you keep a positive attitude amid the chaos.

#9 Immerse Yourself in Nature

Being in nature reminds us of the divinity we all share with other human beings, animals, plants, and beyond. Hug a tree, take a walk in the forest or swim in the ocean – you may feel recharged afterwards.

#10 Treat Everyday as Earth Day

Earth Day is not just a gimmick. Treat everyday as if it was Earth Day, and do all you can to create a positive impact on our environment. If not now, when?

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