Periods Are No Longer Annoying After I Turned Vegan

Today I’m going to talk about periods, something considered taboo for no reason by many cultures. Why am I talking about them? Because this topic, related to half of our populations on earth, shouldn’t be a taboo.

If you’re a girl, you know that periods can be frustrating. I’ve been through it all. I remember having to take a day off and stay in bed the whole day with some hot chocolate every month when I was in school because I was in too much pain. However, it all changed more than six years ago, when I decided to cut all animal products out of my diet. For six years, I hardly feel anything during my period.

It wasn’t until much later when I realized the link between consuming the secretion of female animals and experiencing cramps and discomfort during menstruation. The exploitation of female animals by the dairy and egg industries is so horrifying that it’s unimaginable. The dairy industry, in order to force mother cows to keep producing milk, manipulates their reproductive system and keeps them artificially inseminated constantly (it would have been called “rape” if it happened to human beings). The mother cows give birth to their calves, have their babies stolen away from them, and are forced to be impregnated again while they’re still lactating. If it’s a female calf, she’ll be subject to the same fate her mother endures. If it’s a male calf, he will be sent to a veal farm.

What about hens? These gentle, intelligent animals are confined in cages so small they can’t even spread one wing. Female chicks will become egg-laying machines just like their moms. Male chicks will be tossed into a grinder and be ground up alive, or dyed into different colors and sold as pets (this happens in China). This is not some scene from a horror movie – it’s the reality for billions of animals everyday. This behavior, deeply rooted in the belief that “might is right”, is a total manipulation of females and destruction to the sacred bond between mother and child.

As a female, after knowing about the harm done to female animals by the animal agriculture, it was an easy choice to stop supporting the industry. I stopped consuming eggs and dairy products after ditching meat three years prior to that, and have been harvesting the unexpected health benefits that I never intended to have. You reap what you sow – when I stop eating products of violence, I’m also protecting myself from violence or diseases. I never had cramps again, and I even discovered some products that helped me make periods more pleasant.

My secret weapons are these two products: Moon Cup, and THINX underwear.

In Asia, people are rather reserved and most people use sanitary napkins. When I started using tampons more than a decade ago, none of my friends were doing them. However, I realized that most of the tampons I could find in the super market were tested on animals, which is cruel, and unnecessary. About four years ago, I discovered a life savior – Moon Cup. Moon Cup is eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. It costs about $30 each, and can be used for years if not damaged. Everytime after you use it, you can take it out and clean it with water. In the long term, you not only reduce trash, but also save money since tampons are actually quite expensive. If you’re unsure how to use a Moon Cup, you can check out videos on YouTube or refer to their website. The fact that you need to clean it with water might not be super convenient as most public bathrooms don’t have a sink inside each stall, but in that case I’d always bring a bottle of water with me to clean it, or I’d wait until I go home since the cup is quite big and can hold up for many hours.

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Moon Cup was already a godsend, but I even discovered something else that’s equally amazing. Starting two years ago, I’ve been using THINX underwear, which can replace sanitary napkins, tampons and even Moon Cups on certain days. It holds up to two tampons worth, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free! I’ve bought six of them and they will last for a few years for sure.

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I usually wear Moon Cup and THINX underwear together for the first three days of my period, but after the third day, I’d rely on the underwear alone. At the end of each day, you can simply rinse it off and toss into the washing machine. The surface of the underwear feels dry, so it doesn’t give the uncomfortable feeling I always had when I used sanitary napkins. After I started using these two products, I no longer produce trash every month during my period.

Periods used to kill me every month. However, a vegan diet, Moon Cup and THINX underwear have changed my life and spared me the suffering I used to experience. The purpose of my experience is to help other females who are still suffering like I used to, because trust me, there IS a way out. Of course I’m not saying my experience applies to everyone since everyone’s condition is different, but I hope it helps somehow!

May all females receive the respect and love they deserve, regardless of their species or race. <3


  1. Same happened to me! I had intense period pains, I could not bear it…
    & then, after 3 months of being vegan, I would feel a slight pain.
    It got me so shocked as after so many years, this crazy pain finally stopped.
    When you have got love then the body does not suffer either.

    1. So happy to hear that the same thing happened to you and that you no longer experience cramps! It’s one of the biggest miracles in my life. <3

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