Phone number: 02-2771-6115
Address: No 32 Ln 233 Sec 1 Dunhua S Rd Da’an Dist Taipei
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Flourishvegan/


I believe that a good restaurant doesn’t just provide delicious food, but also atmosphere and service that make you feel at home. The newly opened vegan restaurant Flourish is exactly such a place. I can tell you it’s one of my favorite restaurants in the world.


I haven’t been living in Taiwan for almost a decade, so I missed out on the opening of Flourish in Taipei. Luckily I was invited to check it out with Dr. and Mrs. Tuttle when they were in Taiwan last month, and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.


The brown rice they use is organic and so fragrant and chewy that I could eat it just by itself. Other ingredients are also of very good quality. We were fortunate to try out a few dishes that were not on the menu, prepared by the chef Ah Q and served by the restaurant manager Sunny, who, by the way, has a cute vegan baby.

Other dishes included on the menu are: Green Curry Stew, Mapo Spicy Tofu, Cabbage Stock-Stewed Tofu Balls, Vegan Bowl, White Sesame Spinach Arrowroot Tofu, Tempeh Summer Rolls, Organic Brown Rice Futomaki Sushi, and so on. After spending a week with Dr. and Mrs. Tuttle, I realized that they’re very particular about food in terms of ingredients. The fact that they loved Flourish should serve as a persuasive testimonial.

White Sesame Spinach Arrowroot Tofu – the “tofu” is actually made of sesame and is very yummy.


Lemon Hummus with Taro Chips (not on the menu) – it’s the first time I’ve ever had taro chips with hummus.


Tempeh Summer Rolls – tempeh was always my favorite when I was still in the US, and I never thought I’d be able to have it in Taiwan.


Cabbage Stock-Stewed Tofu Balls – the organic tofu balls are over-the-top delicious.


Organic Brown Rice Futomaki Sushi – I love how they add avocado on the sushi.


Pan-Fried Fermented Tofu with Kimchi – homemade kimchi, yum!


In fact, before knowing about Flourish, I had already been to two other vegetarian restaurants of the same company – Kaya Kaya Café and Hoshina. On that day, we first visited Hoshina to observe how the chef handmade udon noodles (Dr. Tuttle was very impressed), and later checked out the new vegan items at Kaya Kaya, finally trying some vegan, wholewheat bread at Yihotang bakery.


Every business has a story behind its success, including Flourish. The founders of the company turned vegan after their daughters did, and started transitioning the restaurants to vegan ones, which is expected to be completed next year. The company also supports young people with their vegan activism. It is said that one vegan saves 100 animals a year. We can save so many more lives if we inspire others to do the same.

Met up with vegan activists and the restaurant owner/staff to talk about veganism in Taiwan.

There’s no need to “educate” the general public about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle at a vegan restaurant like this, because they lead by example. They show people that vegan food is delicious, healthy, and peaceful.

Veganism is the future, because without switching to a plant-based lifestyle, there will be no future for the next generations. If we keep allowing animal agriculture to destroy the rainforest so they can plant soy beans as animal feed, wipe out marine animals in the oceans, and exacerbate the impacts of climate change, there will be nothing left. We still have a chance to reverse all this, and I see how people in Taiwan are working hard to make that happen. The vegan movement is going strong in Taiwan, and I believe it’s not too late to make up for what we’ve done. The choice is in our hands – we CAN live and let live.

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