My Vegan Trip to Shanghai

First of all, I have to admit that the main purpose of my visit to Shanghai was to work, not to explore vegan restaurants. But I was really happy that I got to try out some really good stuff when work was crazy and we only got to sleep about 4 hours a day.

I had been to Shanghai three times before, but those were all business trips and I never got to experience the city itself. After spending two weeks there this time, I realized I really enjoyed the city and its green trees, old European-style buildings, and a convenient life. I was also able to find a lot of stuff from Taiwan, such as my favorite tea shop “Fiftea”.


I didn’t have time to try too many vegan places, but I’d like to share what I liked. The restaurants I went to were vegan, vegetarian, or simply regular restaurants that provide vegan options. For more information on vegan food in Shanghai, I recommend that you download HappyCow or check out Dianping, a commonly used gourmet site in China (if you read Chinese).

D’lish (vegetarian)


This was what I ate most often when I was in Shanghai, but I always ordered delivery and never went to the restaurant itself.

D’lish provides healthy and light options such as salad, brown rice and noodle dishes. Most of their take-out boxes seemed to be made of recycled paper. My favorite dishes were: Biang Biang tempeh super noodle bowl, Mini sweet potatoes, Mushroom rice ball, and Power from the ocean.

Speaking of delivery, I was stunned by how efficient this whole meal delivery service industry was in China. From choosing the restaurant I wanted on the mobile app, ordering and paying on WeChat, to when it was actually delivered, it usually took less than 30 minutes.

Phone # 13918245404, 15000282490
Address: No 25 Yanqing Rd

Lucky Veg (vegan)






I really liked the ambiance of this restaurant, and went there twice when I was in Shanghai. Very few items on the menu were noted “containing milk”, but I checked with a waiter who told me it’s actually plant-based milk…plus this place was listed under “vegan” on HappyCow. It wouldn’t hurt to double check if you decide to try this place out though. Recommended dishes: pumpkin soup, noodles with bean paste, and tofu skin.

Phone # 021-63730288
Address: 2F No 428 Madang Rd

Mingsheng Healthy Vegan Restaurant (vegan) 





The restaurant is small and cozy. I really liked the rose tea, Shanghai fried noodle, coconut jelly, fried dumplings, and mushroom with potato noodle.

Phone # 021-53027783
Address: No 768 Xietu Rd

Super Vegan (vegan)







I met Andrew two years ago in Shanghai when I went on a business trip with the CSR Department of Inditex, the parent company of Zara. Even though I lived in Beijing for a year after that, we never got the chance to see each other again until this time. It’s awesome to know that he’s been eating vegan most of the time under my influence, and this time he finally got to meet my boyfriend Narayan as well.

Super Vegan is located in a giant mall and is SUPER hard to find (seriously). I really loved their Taiwanese-style cuisine, including fried rice noodles, Chinese cabbage and strawberry soy milk.

Phone # 021-61522837,021-34693077
Address: B2 Asia Corner, SML Center, No 618 Xujiahui Rd

Pure & Whole (vegetarian)




The Arabian wraps at western vegetarian restaurant Pure & Whole were simply amazing! Zucchini Quinoa salad and Vegetable Paella were both really nice as well.

Phone # 021-62898316
Address: No 1376 West Nanjing Rd (Portman Complex)

Wu Guan Tang (vegetarian)





Chinese cuisine is often on the greasy side, but not at Wu Guan Tang. This place is perfect for those who prefer simplicity. I’ve been missing the gnocchi and homemade tofu since I left.

Xinhua Road is where a lot of old European-style buildings are located, so why not take a stroll in the area after enjoying a satisfying meal?

Phone: 021-62813695
Address: No 349 Xinhua Rd

Xiang Ji Ge (vegetarian)





Situated in a busy location, Xiang Ji Ge provides really delicious noodle dishes AND vegan moon cakes, which are usually made with eggs!

Phone # 021-52788123
Address: 4F No 819 Kaixin Center, West Nangjing Rd

The next two places aren’t vegan or vegetarian, but provide vegan options.

Bao Bao (with vegan options)



Have you ever seen a stylish “baozi” (steamed buns) store? This is it! There’re two vegan options: mushroom bok choy, and rose red bean paste. It’s affordable, and opens until 10pm. It saved our lives once when we worked too much, skipped dinner and almost starved.

Address: No 380 South Shanxi Rd

Sprout Lifestyle (with vegan options)


This health store sells bento boxes, personal care products and cosmetics, with two vegan bento box options: mushroom with bok choy, and vegan patty with homemade cashew dressing.

Phone # 4008215190
Address: No 388 South Shanxi Rd

It’s a pity that I didn’t get to try an American vegetarian place called “Happy Buddha Vegetarian”, as they were in the process of relocating. Hope I’ll be able to try next time! Share with me your favorite vegan food in Shanghai 🙂

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  1. Ooooh so happy about this post! I’m also going to Shanghai so it’s really really important to me to find vegan spots ♡ Thank you so much for this post.

    1. You’re very welcome! Please note that there might be other new places in Shanghai that opened after I visited, so be sure to check HappyCow as well 🙂

  2. I love you blog posts, I’m heading to China in June so I’m doing some research on vegan eateries! I’m worried about eating at non vegetarian places though, any tips for someone who doesn’t speak Chinese apart from taking some phrases with me?

    1. Hi Natasha,
      Thanks for your comment. Eating at non vegetarian places could be challenging if you don’t speak Mandarin, as it’s very common to use chicken powder in Chinese cuisine. Where in China are you going? I would suggest that you check out the Vegan Passport and keep the Chinese version with you so you can show people. I checked and the translation is pretty good and clear! If you encounter any problems, please email me and let me know ( I’ll try my best to help!

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