I’m Vegan…Am I Going to Die Alone?

I’m pretty sure this question is on a lot of people’s minds. But don’t worry, just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you won’t find a life partner. And I’m not saying you NEED a life partner, but just in case you happen to want someone to share your life with, and you’re having difficulty finding him or her, this post might help. I once believed that I’d never find a boyfriend because it seems all the vegan guys are either married or gay. I basically gave up looking and only focused on my self-growth and my cause, but I ended up finding the best partner I could have ever asked for, who stopped eating dairy and eggs because of my influence even though I never intended to change him.

Disclaimer – I’m by no means a relationship expert. These tips worked for me, but they don’t necessarily apply to everyone. So…use with caution!

#1 Attend vegan meet-ups

If you absolutely don’t want to be with someone who eats animals, you might want to join vegan meet-ups in your area, or if there’s none, organize one yourself. It makes the dating process smoother if you didn’t have to worry about where to eat and what to cook. Word of advice though – many vegans are super weird, and I’ve certainly met a lot at vegan meet-ups (and maybe someone thinks I’m super weird, too). So, I wouldn’t suggest that you narrow down your search to only vegans because you’re ruling out many potential partners who might be great for you.

#2 Volunteer at animal rights groups or open-admission animal shelters


What’s better than meeting like-minded people and a potential partner while doing meaningful work to help animals? This doesn’t limit to physical space. You can also follow the groups online and join discussions with other volunteers and activists. Who knows – maybe your Mr. or Ms. Right is just a click away.

#3 Be open-minded


Just because someone doesn’t follow a plant-based lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t get along with him or her. Most of my best friends aren’t vegan, and I still love them regardless. When I met my boyfriend he was vegetarian, but he stopped eating dairy and eggs since the day we met, after talking to me about all the horrible things happening on egg and dairy farms. The important thing is to keep an open mind and provide support or suggestion when the other person needs. You can introduce him or her to documentaries such as Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Unity and so on, but don’t force it. We are spokespersons for animals, and if we’re so busy being judgmental all the time, we don’t have the energy to invite people to explore the issues with us with an open heart.

#4 Become an amazing cook


I’ve heard many non-vegan friends tell me every time they had amazing vegan food, “If I could have this everyday, I’d totally be vegan.” Sometimes people hesitate to try out a vegan lifestyle because they’re not particularly thrilled about the idea of eating salad everyday, but you and I know this couldn’t be further from the truth. What do vegans eat? Pizzas, pastas, burgers, ice cream, pancakes, smoothies – basically anything that everyone else eats, but vegan version. Go on Instagram and Youtube to look for vegan recipe ideas and videos, and impress your friends and potential partner with your culinary skills.

#5 Become knowledgeable about vegan restaurants in your area

It helps to show your potential partner that you know what you’re doing, and your choices are actually pretty legit. It’s safe to say that you should take them to a fancy and modern restaurant that doesn’t play monotonous religious music or Dharma talks in the background if you don’t know them well enough, unless that’s their cup of tea of course (I love Dharma talks…just saying). It can also be super exciting to go restaurant hopping with your date, so prepare a list of vegan places you love or would like to check out, and invite them on board. Take a look at Happy Cow for inspirations.

#6 Be healthy & stay positive


Don’t just eat potato chips or vegan donuts all the time (OK I’m talking to myself). And don’t stop going to the gym or doing your daily yoga just because you’re not taking in cholesterol or saturated fat. Are you healthy, happy, and positive? If you are a healthy and happy person from the inside out, your potential partner is going to be more intrigued and inspired by your lifestyle choices.

#7 Take care of your garden and butterflies will come (cliché, but true)


Sorry to break it to you, but even if you’re not vegan, you may still die alone. There’s no guarantee in life because life is only here and now. It’s not a rehearsal or a test run, and we can never be 100% sure what’s waiting ahead of us. The only thing we can do if we want a life full of nourishment and loving relationships is to water our wholesome seeds such as love, compassion, empathy, understanding, tolerance, selflessness, etc. There’s no need to go around chasing butterflies. The right people will come into your life when you’re ready.

It’s been almost two years since I met my boyfriend, and we’ve gone through a lot. Everyday I thank the universe for sending such a loving, caring and spiritual person into my life, who grows and evolves with me. For me, choosing a plant-based lifestyle isn’t a destination but rather a necessary step in order to create a peaceful world where we recognize our connections with all Earthlings. I’m truly grateful for not walking this path alone. To know more about the story of how we met, click here.

What’s your vegan dating story? Share with me below!

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