About Animals


Phone: +886-2935-3633
Address: No. 9, Ally 1, Jinglong Lane, Wenshan District, Taipei (MRT Wanlong Station Exit 2)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aboutanimalszr/

If you happened to walk past this vegan restaurant, you might not even recognize it. It’s in an old building that was renovated, with a rainbow flag and a “Legalize Gay Marriage” sticker on it’s sign, “About Animals”.


There’re more and more modern and trendy vegan restaurants in Taiwan over the past few years, changing the stereotype that being vegan equals being religious or conventional. There’re hundreds of reasons for someone to go vegan, and for the owners of About Animals – two cool-looking vegan ladies – it’s all about the animals. The restaurant not only provides yummy food, but also hosts animal rights events from time to time. Every Tuesday, 10% of their revenue will be donated to TSPCA.


Part of the menu is on the wall.


There’re customers like this one all the time – having a food coma after devouring a delicious meal.


These are my favorites:
Tofu on Rice with Kimchi Veg Patty


I seriously LOVE it! (but I asked them to take out the scallion as I’m a picky eater)


Sesame Tofu Burger (warning – I personally think there’s no way to eat it gracefully)


Tartar Sauce Hot Dog


Deep Fried Tofu (it’s super crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside)


Vegan Soymilk Tea


Other popular dishes include:

Brunch: Sauteed Mushroom Garlic Potato with Black Olive Toast

義 式 香 料 油 醋 香 炒 蘑 菇 佛 卡 夏 三 明 治

Tofu on Rice with Fried Oyster Mushroom

日 式 炸 菇 蓋 飯

Creamy Potato Panini (even the cat seems to be interested…)

白 醬 薯 泥 檸 檬 起 司 帕 尼 尼

Classic Veggie Hotpot

經 典 百 草 風 味 鍋

BananaChocolate Tart and Lemon Pie


Each burger has a rainbow flag on it.


This is also one of the restaurants that I always go when I’m back in Taipei. It’s touching to see a group of people doing the best they can to help make a change for animals and our planet. Sometimes we may feel hopeless seeing how billions of animals are still exploited and suffering every year, but things are changing, and I have hope. You can even bring your furry friends here since this is a dog/cat-friendly restaurant. Seating is limited, so it’s advised that you make a reservation.

ps. There’s a vegan grocery store right across the street, too! I’ll write about it next time. 🙂

Some images provided by About Animals

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