Cafe Flatwhite

The Cafe Flatwhite I went to is located in the Jianguomen Diplomatic Residence Compound (DRC) near subway Jianguomen Station, exit B. There’re many other locations in Beijing and you can check it out here.


Cozy interior.


Even though there aren’t too many vegan options, you can find plenty of fresh juices. And the avocado tofu burger is just amazing! You just need to tell them not to add mayo or cheese. The burger is already yummy enough with the fried onion sauce and cranberry sauce  in it. The fries are crispy.


Fresh salad, no cheese. IMG_3720

I ordered pear, kiwi and lemon juice, and Narayan got orange juice.


The first time I went it was for work, but the second time it was to celebrate Narayan’s birthday. Look how happy the birthday boy was, before devouring his burger 🙂


When you get tired of all the vegan or vegetarian places in Beijing, why not venture out to restaurants that aren’t vegan but provide vegan options – it’s surprising how easy it is to get what you want, and you might even inspire the restaurants to become more and more vegan-friendly (which is the goal of every vegan)!

Address: 9 Jianguomen Outer St, Chaoyang, Beijing, China (Jianguomen Station, Exit B)
Phone: +861085326001

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