Happy Birthday/Farewell Vegan BBQ in Beijing

Last night was an epic night with amazing food and amazing people. Since our friends Ieva and Marcus are leaving Beijing and there’re three of us Virgos having our birthdays in the same month, we decided to do a badass birthday/farewell vegan BBQ. I’ve BBQed a lot in my life, but this was my first vegan one.

The party was held at “The Other Place”, which is a renovated siheyuan perfect for private events. We booked it from 5:30 pm to midnight for 500 RMB.


The courtyard.


My graphic facilitator boyfriend Narayan did this agenda for the BBQ…haha.


Trying really hard to start the fire.


It got dark pretty quick so I don’t have many photos of food…but this is organic corn grilling! We had bread, vegan mayo, vegan cheese, mock meat, vegan sausages, all kinds of veggies, burritos, pasta, and desserts.


Vegan zucchini brownie made by Ieva. Heavenly!


Amazing chocolate/Oreo ice cream made by Layla.


Chloe helped so much with cutting veggies in the kitchen. Child labor? 😛


We’ll miss you guys! Here’s us with sprouts growing out of our heads because we’re “Beijingers”.


I’m so blessed to have so many wonderful friends who want to make this world a better place with their presence.



And here’s what happened the next day – our stuffed animals wishing me happy birthday at home. Narayan insisted that they did it themselves and he didn’t help…haha 😛


I’ve always believed that time is just an illusion, and all we have is this present moment. Even though I have mixed feelings about celebrating our birthdays and at the same time saying goodbye to our friends, after being a nomad for the past few years I’ve learned to welcome goodbyes and embrace new beautiful encounters. No matter where we are, we’ll all be shining and staying true to our purposes in life. Thank you <3

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