Cloud Kitchen

Formerly known as Shang’s Pizza near Dawanglu Subway station in Beijing, vegan restaurant Cloud Kitchen recently opened at a new location near Beihai Park, which is easier to access via public transport.

I could spend an hour listing their popular dishes, but my favorite is probably the Florence Burger with potato wedges.


My boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary devouring the yummy burger.


The vegan ice cream comes in several flavors: coffee, yoghurt, green tea, chocolate, vanilla, and durian. My favorites are yoghurt and vanilla. You can try durian if you’re looking for something different…but don’t say I haven’t warned you of its distinct taste! And yes, that’s half a cherry tomato in the ice cream bowl. No idea why they thought that’d match, but maybe it’s a new trend and I’m outdated…?


The mango yogurt juice is really good.


Veggie pasta.


Multigrain rice with mushrooms.


And of course, pizza is this restaurant’s highlight. This is spinach with pine nuts.



Side dish that’s anything but healthy and light 😛


What I really like about this restaurant is not just the food, but also the cozy atmosphere. Sometimes after a burger and some ice cream, I really felt like I could slip into a food coma and camp out here.

There aren’t too many Western vegan places in Beijing yet, and Cloud Kitchen definitely stands out. Good job!

Beijing may have a serious smog problem, but it also has Cloud Kitchen as a reward for your bravery. Your lungs will still hate you, but at least your stomach won’t.

Address: Aimin 4th Lane, Xicheng District, Beijing (subway Beihai North Station, Exit D)


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